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Simon István
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Simon István
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the company employes currently 470 people producting with nearly 1000 injection molding  machine (25-1000 ton). 90% of the production is for car industry consumption - special plastic products such as: joiner, sound speaker and subwoofer basket and parts.  The company is main supplier for several TiER1. Their monthly sales is 25000000 automotive components made by injection molding technologies. I has ability in several kinds of thermoplastic processing, like common injection molding, over molding on vertical press, two components injection futhermore they have to ability for two K liquid silicon processing as well.


The company has established a subsidiary firm in Serbia, registered as, Novi Sad: Plastica Simon Doo and Doo SHSPOJ. The first factory building and the second warehouse builind are in progress. They are connected with Zrenjanin council as we intend to be primary suppliers to car industries located in Serbia. They are going to extend their contacts.

Looking for buyers and/or partners in the same field.